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SAMSObion biohair essence - the natural hair tonic of a very special kind

Haare? With SAMSObion, you found a 100% natural, globally unique hair tonic that has a very positive impact on the health of your hair - in a totally harmonic way, while:

  • helping to maintain your hair
  • stopping hair loss that is already in process
  • eliminating dandruff
  • bringing back the hair to your bald head

The choice of highly effective active substances, the very special moment of harvest during the right bio-dynamic
lunar phases as well as the particular manufacturing procedure are building the base for this highly qualitative product ...learn more about the active substances

SAMSObion has been tested regarding its efficacy against dandruff and proved to be
the best of about 10 tested products.
The very successful long-term use gives us confidence that you will be satisfied too!
We stand for this with our satisfaction guarantee! ...learn more about the guarantee

SAMSObion has been developed and manufactured in Austria.

How SAMSObion biohair essence should be applied?

Use the pumping spray to apply the lotion either directly on your hair or on the affected spots on your scalp, and possibly massage the spots.
Apply twice daily (morning and evening) or after a (mild) hair wash. Do not wash out!

Condition Immediate effect Long-term effect Duration of treatment Follow-up treatment
x x up to 6 weeks ca. 4 weeks, followed by a break
light reddening or slightly bleeding focuses
x x up to 6 weeks ca. 4 weeks, followed by a break
Itchy or scaly spots x x up to 6 weeks ca. 4 weeks, followed by a break
Hair loss - ca. 2-6 months permanent application -

Please note:

  • Samsobion Applications on severely bleeding scalp scores should be avoided. These cases should be treated by a physician.
  • SAMSObion biohair essence can be used as supportive measure to ensure an enhanced regain of hair in cases of hair loss due to illness (e.g. chemotherapy) or in cases of temporary hair loss (e.g. due to changes in the hormone level).
  • A short burning sensation may occur after applying SAMSObion on reddened or lightly bleeding spots (e.g. after scratching the scalp due to heavy itching).

As for everything that concerns the human organism, the individual response can vary. The following measures can therefore support the treatment:

  • change in diet
  • physical exercises
  • psychological support
  • herbal treatment
  • use of medicines

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